just another spring day

Just another spring day. Look, it’s spring. Blue sky. The honey locust, which was here when we moved in, and which I would cut down (stupid locust pods everywhere) if I could get rid of the wood, has had the good sense not to do anything rash, like leaf out. The really smart plants died over the winter.


I took some so-so pictures to prove that it’s spring. It was so sunny and warm that the pictures didn’t come out too well.

An hour and a half or so later, things changed, the way they do. Look how fast the clouds on the right are moving.


I realize that this sounds repetitive, if not downright boring, but the forecast calls for a foot of snow tonight and near-record cold temperatures tomorrow night. This is the third or fourth occurrence of a foot of snow in combination with near-record cold temperatures in less than a month. I’m beginning to wonder if we’re not stuck in some sort of time loop.

I took some more pictures, still trying to prove it’s spring. Fritillaria pinardii:


Corydalis glaucescens ‘Pink Beauty’. I’ve posted this before, but that’s because it seems to be having such a good time here. Not much else is.


The ultimate harbinger of spring in Colorado (aside from the foot of snow business), Mertensia lanceolata, in bud:


And in flower:


In flower again:


A primula whose name I forget. Or, whose label was pushed so far down in the trough I can’t find it. This is one of those Primula allionii hybrids; the only primulas I can grow.


Corydalis solida ‘Harkov’ with slightly tattered flowers:


Vitaliana primuliflora:


Douglasia montana:


Then a little graupel, as further proof of spring. This was on one of the metal chairs:


Then, a traveling weather report, brought in by a household member who prefers to remain anonymous (by not being in focus):


And finally, the certainty that it’s spring. All the freezing cold joy of spring that anyone could want:


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4 Responses to just another spring day

  1. acantholimon says:

    Great to see you both Friday and Saturday–although not much chat time. Great sale–and wonderful pix: your plants are not nearly as chewed up, freeze dried and generally mangled as mine. even my saxifrages are wilted. Although as I tore out the door today I noticed some fresh looking miniature daffodils–and the drabas are worth their weight in gold (these and the townsendias are the only ones that aren’t somewhat frazzled). Blizzard all the way to Stapleton park and ride–and quite a thrilling takeoff in the snow. Chicago was ghostly beautiful in the golden afternoon glow as we landed: now poised for Copenhagen and Goteborg: boy am I glad to be gone! (Although I can see your garden would be worth a visit)…

    • paridevita says:

      Copenhagen and Goteborg will probably be very toasty at this time of year. I am mildly disappointed that I won’t be able to claim being in the coldest spot in North America tonight (except for Barrow, Alaska). “Almost the coldest spot in North America” doesn’t have the same cachet.
      All of this spring stuff builds character. That’s what I was told when I was a kid.

  2. I got a cat weather report the other night…by a wet cat jumping into my lap after Allan had put our utility trailer (which he had painted in the garage) outside because he thought it was going to be a dry night! That sort of animal weather report can be very useful after dark.

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