still more spring

Hello again. It’s me, the dog, Chess. You may remember me from such excellent posts as “Drip Drop Drip Drop” and “Memory and Desire”, which were mostly about me. That’s why they were excellent, of course. Here I am on the couch, which is really old and creaky; it’s made of rattan and all the border collies who have lived here liked this couch. You can see that this weather puts me in a really good mood.


I always thought “spring” meant flowers and warm weather, but the guy I live with says things change, and now “spring” means endless snow and gloom. I think he’s thinking about himself too much. Instead of me, I mean.

In fact, the guy I live with now says he’s never going outside again and will spend the rest of his life looking at gardening books instead of trying to garden in a place where it’s always snowing. I hope when he says he’s never going outside again that means except for our walks.


It doesn’t get much better than this.


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8 Responses to still more spring

  1. acantholimon says:

    It’s amazing how happy Chess looks in those pix: there is a tiny note of self consciousness in his eyes–like most Homo sapiens have in pix. Dogs must have incredibly complicated self-awareness…but why am I telling you that. Typing from Peter Korn’s house: his set up here is ten times more amazing than I even expected–I now believe the Nordic Gods do exist and one is contemporary.

  2. Loree says:

    Seriously? You’ve got that much snow in your garden right now? But it’s almost May!!! Four letters… M O V E

    • paridevita says:

      Seriously, that much snow. It should all be gone by today. Call this the worst spring, after the worst winter, I’ve ever seen here. Summer should be interesting.
      The dog and I have discussed moving. If I moved to Portland, Mount Hood would erupt. So I think you don’t want me there.
      If I moved to Calif. I’d make the headlines. “Record freezes in Los Angeles blamed on Colorado man who moved here to escape Denver weather.”

  3. Desert Dweller says:

    This is getting old…even down here, every week, frost but no rain. The original forecast was for us to get a 31F low, then 35F, but it’s 29F as I write this. 25-30 in Oklahoma, 18-28 in Texas panhandle (21 Amarillo). I agree with Loree – I think this is an omen – move! I am, though I hesitate only going a half-zone warmer (8a) to Las Cruces, this can easily follow me there. Maybe it’s 9a for me!

    And last night, from the near gleeful ABQ Nt’l Weather Svc (they must only grow houseplants) – “unsettled wx could return for early next week according to the ECMWF (forecast model)”

    • paridevita says:

      You can have some of the snow here….20 here last night.
      This is getting old. Really, really old. So old, it’s old. Constant snow, bringing record cold temperatures week after week. I understand that the Lawn People think this is great.

  4. Sharon says:

    Yup your snow arrived here (in south central Ontario) too and I expect to get the shovel back in action on white instead of brown earth tomorrow morning. It is so depressing admiring little seedlings under a fluorescent light rather than those pushing out of the warm spring earth. I think I’ll take up knitting again!

    • paridevita says:

      I gave my snow shovel to the kid across the street. The snow is all gone here now, like a house guest who knows when it’s time to leave.
      Denver gets more snow than Minneapolis, but it usually melts pretty quickly. This year, and the last five winters, it’s been that new melt-resistant snow that stays forever. I blame the comet.

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