may day

I think I better do this post. I mean, me, the dog, Chess. You may remember me from excellent posts like “Let the Whining Begin” and “Still More Spring”, because they were mostly about me, and that was what made them excellent. This just happens to be perfect weather for a border collie, which I’m. (The guy I live with said to say that. He says it comes from an old Foghorn Leghorn cartoon where the dog says, “the dog, which I’m” and he thinks it’s still funny. He thinks a lot of things are funny that no one else does. He says a lot of people don’t have a sense of humor, but maybe he just misses my mommy a lot and everything else just seems funny to him. Or he really is in his declining years, like he keeps saying. Anyway, the border collie, which I’m.)

Here I’m on the first day of May, as you can see. Things are pretty much totally excellent. It was really hot a couple of days ago and the guy I live with could tell how hot I was, and so he set the box fan in the window at night so I could sleep without fidgeting, which he says I do when it’s hot.


Oh, this is funny. You should have heard the guy I live with when he discovered that he had a manzanita seed germinating. They’re really hard to germinate, and when one did, well, you should have heard him. I remember him chipping them with a needle and the seeds flying all over the kitchen and the things he said when they flew.

Now (this is the funny part) he can’t find it in the bag. It should be easy to find, shouldn’t it?

050102 050103

The seeds are the part that aren’t vermiculite. The bag is in the refrigerator which the guy I live with says isn’t as full as it could be. Manzanita seed has a waxy plug, the periole, that apparently dissolves after being subjected to heat from a fire, but the guy I live with says you just chip that away and the seed “should” germinate after being exposed to 40 degrees for a while. (How long a while, he doesn’t say.)

He also says that the species in which he’s most interested, Arctostaphylos pungens and A. pringlei, don’t form burls and are killed by wildfires, so their seed must be easier to germinate than species which do form burls, like most of the ones that only grow in California. I’m not sure he’s right, but that’s what he says. It isn’t that interesting anyway.

What is interesting is the reason that the guy I live with said to do this post. The weather, of course. I think it’s excellent. We made a movie showing how excellent it really is.

Arctostaphylos patula, today.


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6 Responses to may day

  1. Peter/Outlaw says:

    Howdy Chess. The guy you live with has a serious problem if his refirgerator is full of plastic bags containing vermiculite. It’s sad to see the sanity of those we love slip away like this. Must admit that I enjoy his sense of humor. When the nice people in white coats come to get him, I hope you’ll continue posting about his garden.

    • paridevita says:

      Hi. The guy I live with wouldn’t be able to see people in white coats right now. They’d be camouflaged. He might have to be taken away if it doesn’t stop snowing here though.
      I meant to say the refrigerator doesn’t have much food in it. Except for an aging jar of Indian lime pickle and a couple of cartons of almond milk. Oh, and the prescription canned food I get, which is gray and looks really icky, but I like it. And pumpkin, for me, too.
      It will be filled with baggies full of vermiculite when he goes to the store and gets more baggies. He forgot about that part. He said baggies don’t grow on trees, and I think that’s true.


  2. Your weather is shocking.

    That is one good looking dog.

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