reaching a new low



Later that same day….


Bellevalia forniculata, grown from Archibald seed. (It’s really this color.)



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4 Responses to reaching a new low

  1. acantholimon says:

    You’re makin’ me homesick! I love our spring snows (especially if they don’t overdo it!)…

    Sweden has been Heavenly, however. You would DIE if you visited Gothenburg BG right now: it is too gorgeous for words. Henrik says they’ve had the worst spring ever (and I did notice most of the daphnes are dead as doornails), but the giant rhodies are unfazed, and the bulbs loved their protracted cold. Today….DENMARK!

    • paridevita says:

      Oh, the Swedes are just trying to compete with me. This has been the worst spring ever, here, and most of the daphnes are dead as doornails. The bulbs haven’t loved the protracted cold here, because on the day it warms up, they get the wrong idea, and then, well, that’s it.
      The corydalis, however, are unfazed.

  2. Desert Dweller says:

    Is that a low of 21F and a high of 59F? Some arcticists here would love that (“…is it hardy, is it hardy-yy?”). Sad, but maybe this weekly or so weather pattern is done (though I fear not). I was 33F, so I barely dodged the fun.

    Your grass and bare tree seem to look OK…like they should…in late March.

    • paridevita says:

      Low of 20.5, to be precise. Record low for that date. As have been a number of the other “visitations”.
      I don’t know about the lawn. The rabbits are eating the grass, which is good (better that than my plants), but it’s ryegrass-fescue-bluegrass, zero drought tolerance, and got watered because of the gardens surrounding it. Now that I’ve removed water hogs in the gardens, the lawn might just fade away. No loss. Thought of replacing it with Junegrass and western wheatgrass, or something like that.

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