the day in pictures

It’s me again, Chess the purebred border collie. You may remember me from posts like the one before this, which was called “A Scary Day”. If not, you’ve been missing quite a lot. I think the guy I live with should have started the blog with me doing all the talking, so it would have been much more interesting.

Here I am inspecting the plants on the cart. The guy I live with says he needs another cart, which of course means more plants. Most of these are indoor plants that will spend the summer outside, but the real reason they’re outside now is that it’s been raining, which is why I look a little damp.


On our walk this morning it started to hail. We had to run back home, at which point of course the hail stopped, and it started to rain. We got soaking wet anyway.

Nothing much happened after that, though I should point out that the guy I live with gave me a new treat which disagreed with my digestion, so I had to go out in the rain several times today. He says he’s sorry, but then, he isn’t the one who has to go out in the rain.

I did get to hear that the word “sorry” doesn’t come from “sorrow” but from “sore”, which would have been interesting if I cared, but I guess he was just trying to make things better for me. That’s probably why, when we went on our afternoon walk, he tried to put an old red poncho on me that one of the earlier border collies wore in the rain, but I’m wider than any of them, being a three quarter sized border collie, so, even though I made noises like I was being strangled, the guy I live with didn’t notice it until he realized that it wasn’t raining much and I didn’t need the poncho. It was nice to be able to breathe again, that’s for sure.

He even did some weeding when it wasn’t raining. I understand that weeds are easier to pull when the soil is moist, which is why he did it. There are a lot of weeds.

He also said he’s going to move two or three troughs, out to the trough patio in back. Each trough weighs a couple of hundred pounds, and I’m not going to help like he says I could. I’m not a draft horse, just an advisor. He says he’ll show everyone how it’s done, but maybe not tomorrow, because he’s “working” (in other words, buying tons of plants) at the Mother’s Day plant sale at DBG on Friday, so he needs to be in shape for that, not flat on his back with pulled muscles and stuff.

The guy I live with said to post these pictures. I think he needs to read the instructions when it comes to focusing, but what can you do. The first is his little “forest” of Fritillaria pallidiflora. He grew the first few bulbs from seed (the ones in back), and the rest have sown themselves. In other words he can’t take credit for much of this.


And here is Phlox pulvinata, a blue form.


So that’s it. The day in pictures. Three pictures. I hope the guy I live with likes the smell of wet dog, because there’s a lot of it around the house now.

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10 Responses to the day in pictures

  1. Loree says:

    Plant sale at the DBG? Hope you can quickly empty that cart, you might need it!

    • paridevita says:

      Plant sale. Not just any plant sale, either. What I really need is a large grocery shopping cart, maybe with rubber edges so when I knock people out of the way, it won’t hurt so much …..

  2. Lucie says:

    Chess must be getting a significant callous on his right paw from all this blogging. Hopefully this does not interfere with his ability to dig.

    • paridevita says:

      He thinks his input is a lot more interesting, and he does get paw rubs. Dogs really like paw rubs, by the way. You just hold the top side of the paw in your hand, and rub the pads with your thumbs.

  3. Pam says:

    Chess, do you know you have a brownish-patch on your back? I’d guess “sunburned fur” but since there’s been no sun about…anyway it does not detract from your pure-bred handsomeness.

    • paridevita says:

      A lot of black border collies really have reddish hair, very noticeable when the light hits it in the right way. I think Chess verges on being a tricolor.
      There are so many varieties to choose from. Black and white, red and white, tricolor, merle, etc.

  4. Susan ITPH says:

    The Phlox is interesting. I just put seeds for it in a baggy of vermiculite in my refrigerator.

    • paridevita says:

      I love the western microphloxes. Pretty easy from seed sown in January, too. There are several I’d like to have again, but fortunately Alplains has a good selection. I had a colony of P. hoodii here for years, and then I think during the drought of 02 it was carried off.

  5. Alison says:

    Oh Chess, Give the guy you live with some credit. That is a very pretty patch of Fritillaria. He had the foresight to sow self-sowers, and it turned out well.

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