left alone

Hello again, it’s me, Chess the border collie. You may remember me from posts like “The Day in Pictures” and “A Scary Day”, and all the rest of the excellent posts I’ve provided, in order to give this blog a little interest. Here I am looking extremely sad.


The guy I live with left me alone in the house for hours today while he “worked” at the Mother’s Day plant sale at Denver Botanic Gardens. I just stared out the window waiting for him to come home, and cuddle me, because it’s been thundering and raining, and thunder is scary. I don’t like waiting very much. I like thunder even less.

I say “working” because of course he spent most of the time not working, and buying plants instead. He forgot to bring the camera to the plant sale, which is typical. His excuse is that he had to set the alarm and wake up early. He sets the alarm once a year.

It was a really nice day today, too, at least in the morning. On our walk we saw lots of night crawlers on the sidewalk, and the guy I live with picked them up and put them into the dirt or grass. I think they’re kind of icky, and thinking about millions of night crawlers under me while I’m on my walk, or out in the garden, is pretty creepy. The guy I live with says that Colorado has no native earthworms, and that night crawlers are a different species from regular earthworms, which doesn’t mean anything to me, but I do know that the back lawn is really bumpy and when it rains the night crawlers all come out and slither in the grass. It gives me the willies.

It thundered almost all day yesterday and I had a rough day. I remember last summer I heard thunder every single day except for six days from May until October, and we went through a lot of Rescue Remedy. The guy I live with plays music by Boulez really loudly on the CD player, but that doesn’t help as much as he thinks it does.

He brought back some plants. Big surprise, huh.



You can see that he bought some cactus. Like we need more. “But wait”, he explained, “these are silver-spined forms of Cylindropuntia imbricata“. That makes it all better of course. It was funny when he tried to pick up one and it attached itself to his hand in a way that made him say words that he doesn’t usually say.

Supposedly, this silver-spined form could be variety argentea, which comes from the Big Bend in Texas, and the difference between this, besides the silver business, and the regular variety is the length of the tubercles. The guy I live with says he’s going to do some measuring tomorrow.

I won’t be helping.

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6 Responses to left alone

  1. Cliff Booker says:

    Excellent as ever dear Chess.

    • paridevita says:

      Thank you. If only I could get the guy I live with to take pictures the way you do….. I keep telling him to focus, but he thinks I’m talking about something else.

  2. Loree says:

    Ah Chess it looks like that guy brought home a nice haul! Be kind to him, it’s an addiction.

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