baby blue jays

Greetings, everyone, it is I, Chess the purebred border collie. You may remember me from such enjoyable posts as “Dogs” and “No One Cares But Me”. I’ll be your host for tonight’s program. (I’ve wanted to say that for a while now.)

It was hot again today, and so was I.062800

(That thing behind me is the ramp my mommy built for my grandpa Flurry when he was old and creaky, and it’s been here ever since.) Anyway it was hot.

The guy I live with left me at home again today, supposedly to get me some food he forgot to buy yesterday, but for some reason he also came home with a whole bunch of little bluestem plants. So some genuine gardening did take place today. I was inside because it was so hot.

The guy I live with got a new cord for his iPod, so now he wanders around with the iPod, waving his arms, and not paying much attention to anything. Funny story about the iPod. My mommy got it as a Christmas present a long time ago, and she didn’t know what to do with it, and neither did the guy I live with, and he knows about computers. The thing sat there kind of like the black slab in the movie 2001 (he rented that movie just a few months ago and said that he saw it when it first came out but now it’s a total yawn), with both of them just looking at it wondering what to do.

Eventually the guy I live with remembered the First Law of Computers, which is, if you didn’t know, when in doubt, plug the thing in, and all of a sudden he had a working iPod.

So, that’s probably why it came as a complete surprise that there was a nest of blue jays in the yard. This afternoon, he went onto the patio and there were two baby blue jays, which he claimed were cute, and took their pictures. I’ve been instructed to show them. They aren’t as cute as I was when I was little, but, after all, I set new standards for total cuteness. Anyway, here they are.






I guess they’re cute. That’s it for today.

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6 Responses to baby blue jays

  1. Darn tootin’ they are cute!

  2. Kim Bone says:

    So Cute! Thanks

  3. Vivian Swift says:

    Heart be still! I am going to plotz from the cuteness — I LOVE blue jays. I can’t tell you how much I love these birds, they are the perfectly designed bird all by natural selection which shows the nature has great taste. I leave bowls of cat food in my backyard just for them (blue jays love dry cat food) and I do not, no I do not, collect the crazy gorgeous feathers that they leave me in return because that would be WRONG (and against the law). In all my years of adoring blue jays I have never seen a BABY and now I want to cry they are so marvelous. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post. You are an amazing photographer!!

    • paridevita says:

      You’re welcome. Oh, I don’t know about amazing photographer, but they did let me walk right up to them, before hopping away.
      I understand that (a) the blue jays here in Colorado are larger than those back east (they’re relatively recent immigrants ….never saw them in the 60s and 70s) and (b) that they’re excellent mimics, usually imitating hawks.
      My wife used to feed them peanuts until I gently explained to her that feeding peanuts invited squirrels.
      A blue jay will pick up several peanuts, weighing them, to see which one is the heaviest, and then take that one.

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