the sun, finally

Hello everyone; yes, it is I, Chess the purebred border collie, here to provide you with the high quality posts you have come to expect from me. (As opposed to the ones done by the guy I live with.) You may remember me from such superior creations as “A Close Call” and “Weeding Day”, among many others.

Here I am in a characteristic pose, enjoying the play of light and shadow on my excellent face. 091601a

Today the sun came out. That’s a funny thing to say, isn’t it? Like the sun wasn’t there before. It was there, we just couldn’t see it. So, today the clouds went away, and we could see the sun. Much better.

Up north, there’s still flooding. Here, things are sort of back the way they were, though everything is soggy and there are mushrooms popping up here and there. I’m not supposed to eat them. The guy I live with ate a “destroying angel” mushroom when he was two, and the doctor came to the house (that was a really, really long time ago), and I guess that was his introduction to gardening, but since he told me the story, I’ll stay away from mushrooms in the garden.

There are some plants he says are interesting. Here’s Daphne jasminea in bloom again. This is supposedly the “Delphi form” where it hangs off the cliffs above where the Pythia predicted stuff. Whatever. It’s been here for a very long time; planted when my grandpa Flurry ruled the back yard.


And this unimpressive green thing is what he says is the foliage of Biarum tenufolium. There are a bunch of these things in the rock garden and almost nothing has ever happened. Except last year.


In the picture above, you can see a bunch of green bean things. The guy I live with thought it was starting to hail yesterday, but it was Earl up in the tree, eating locust pods, and dropping down a rain of beans onto the garden. I thought squirrels would eat the beans but maybe there are so many the leftovers just fall to the ground. They’re everywhere now.

The other thing that’s happening, which I can’t do anything about, is that the guy I live with has totally surrendered to one of his obsessions. Cyclamen. He was worried that none of them would come back after the awful winter we had, but, as usual, he was wrong.

It’s important to me that there are things that make the guy I live with happy, because it’s better to have him happy than sad. I’m happy almost all the time, and I know he likes that. He’s also excited that there’s a new book on cyclamen which he doesn’t have, though it does cost £90, which he says is a lot in our money. He and my mommy would have discussions about expensive things, but now that she’s gone, which he still kind of can’t believe, he just buys stuff without consulting me. I guess that’s okay. He hasn’t bought a new kitchen floor, though, and we could use one of those.

This is Cyclamen coum. With locust beans, too.


Another coum.


He claims this is a seedling of Cyclamen cilicium or mirabile, because of the scalloped leaves.


This is Cyclamen purpurascens, extra fancy form, from Seneca Hill Perennials (now closed). He really enjoyed ordering cyclamen from them.


Finally, one blooming under a bunch of shrubs. Maybe this is Cyclamen hederifolium. He couldn’t creep in there far enough to look at the flowers. It was sown by ants.


Okay, well, these are the things that make the guy I live with happy. Cyclamen, cyclamen, and more cyclamen. I bet he shows more pictures when they grow up; maybe next month.

I guess that’s all for this evening. See you next time, then.




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10 Responses to the sun, finally

  1. petabunn says:

    What a happy , sunny Chess today. Now you can get back to your gardening. It’s good your guy is happy and excited about his cyclamen. I like cyclamens too and the last one, Cyclamen hederifolium (annoying, can’t do the italics) is really a standout. Thanks again Chess, keep up the good work…

  2. Ah, Daphne jasmine, “Delphi form.” Quick, Chess, ask your person if he has read the garden books of essays by Robin Lane Fox. He knows classics, he knows gardens, he knows “Delphi form.”
    Your current portrait does show you to be one happy dog. I would be cheery being around you. We got our dog Shredder because his mug shot showed one happy dog. Our emergency backup dog we got for another reason. Petey needed rescue. Now he’s a happy dog too. He caught two garden mice today, one of which he deposited on our bed. Are you above such things, Chess, or do you too know the lure of the hunt?

    • paridevita says:

      I don’t chase anything. Except cats that get in my yard.
      My mommy called me her “happy little goofball”. Slipper was the guy I live with’s dog and he was rather more dour, and aloof. Probably because I hogged all the cuddles.

  3. Fisher, the Wonder Dog says:

    I’m glad to hear that the extended rains failed to dampen your spirits. I’ve always said it takes more than impending floods to keep a good dog down. (Just seeing your sun-dappled portrait makes me happy!) Hopefully all that sky water will bring many unexpected wonders to the guy’s garden. It may be a very different autumn than what you have had in years past–look forward to your continuing updates.

  4. melanie says:

    When I left work yesterday, there was the nicest sweet smell to the air. Who knows where it came from but it reminded me of Spring, of all things.

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