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Greetings and salutations everyone; yes, it is I, Chess the purebred border collie, here to bring you the most fascinating and up-to-date news from our garden. You may remember me from such informative and humorous posts as “Halloween” and “The Seed Whisperer”, among so many, many others.

Here I am in a characteristic, wishing-I-had-a-biscuit-instead-of-having-to-pose-for-my-picture pose. 123001I got a biscuit, of course.

Well, so, I was wondering how you go about making a post when you have absolutely nothing to say, and who better to ask than the guy I live with? He certainly knows how to talk when he has nothing interesting to say. So I asked him, and here’s my post. Maybe you will agree that it’s utterly fascinating.

The guy I live with did test the bucket he got for Christmas, and said that it works. “It holds stuff”, he said, in his usual philosophical manner. And, if you recall the business with soaking iris seeds, well, he did eventually remove the arils (the little white collar things) on the seeds, using a dental pick, when the seed coats had softened, and now they’re in the “stratification box” which he really does have one of. It’s in the refrigerator, kind of close to the Brie.

The seeds are in damp perlite. This technique is supposed to break down the germination inhibitor so that the seeds will sprout. Otherwise, the guy I live with says he might have to wait twenty years, and he doesn’t feel like doing that. He’s not very patient, I think. 123006He says the seeds will come out of the box after a couple of weeks and then sit in a dark place for a few days. We’ll see what happens, huh.

The guy I live with has been doing things. He made the insert for the trough mold, for instance. He says it still needs handles so I won’t show it until it does. I mean, until it has handles. And today he spent a lot of time making a cardboard box for some “LPs”, which is what he says they had before they had compact disks, since the boxes he had were all too big. So he cut up a bunch of boxes to help modify an existing one, and spent a whole lot of time looking for the end of the packing tape on the roll, with his fingernail, over and over again, but finally got the box finished.

Well, that’s not very interesting, is it? What was interesting, and maybe you might think so, too, is that when he went down into the crawl space to get this box, so he could modify it, he found one of my mommy’s bug drawings, one he’d never seen before (or at least doesn’t remember seeing), which she signed and everything, way back in 1983.123008Those are my toys on the floor, if you didn’t know what they were. Anyway, this painting was done in acrylic, before my mommy started using watercolors. She liked bugs a lot. The guy I live with is not so much a fan of them.

That would be all I have except that the guy I live with insisted on making some “artistic” pictures of the garden tonight, and having me post them. You can tell that it snowed night before last. I’m not sure how artistic these pictures really are. 123013 123012 123011

123004 123003 I might even go so far as to say these are kind of dumb, but who am I to judge? As I keep saying, the guy I live with is kind of a nut, as so you have to take that into consideration.

Well, that was our day today. I did get ice in my paws on our walks, but when I did, I just stopped, and the guy I live with knew it was time for de-icing. It didn’t take very long because he’s really good at it. I got some Brie, too. That was good.123005Until next time, then.

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  1. As is your usual, Chess, great portrait. You are one clean and well-groomed dog. So appear to be your toys.
    Your mommy is a true artist, and that bug, that particular bug, that particular bug coloring, needs the pop of acrylics. In my opinion.
    I will look at the person you live with’s artistry again tomorrow. I find the light of the room in which I use my computer darkens his photos. Sucks the life from them, in fact. I’m surprised when I view them in daylight. How vivid the color! How nice the perspective! How sweet the detail!
    Writing of sweet, the photo of you, Chess, viewing the world through a window melts my heart. Is the ramp for your entrances and exits? Perhaps the person you live with hauls things in and out with its aid? Both?

    • paridevita says:

      The pictures are just plain weird. Except for the ones of me, of course. The guy I live with has taken pictures of the garden at night before, but these are the weirdest. He had a long day, picking at the roll of packing tape, making a custom-made cardboard box, so maybe that explains it. The bug picture is a mystery. My mommy mustn’t have liked it, because it was down in the crawl space, inside the box the guy I live with modified. She was kind of a perfectionist. An ultra perfectionist, actually. (That’s why she got me when I was little.) And that’s probably why the two of them were so happy together, because he was an anti-perfectionist, so it balanced out. The ramp, which is starting to fall apart, was one my mommy made for my grandpa Flurry when he got really old and creaky. The sliding glass doors are double; someone added another one and so the concrete step down to the patio is very narrow. When you’re old and creaky, a ramp helps. I get creaky sometimes, so I’m glad the ramp is there. The guy I live with says it doesn’t add anything to the appearance of the rear view of the manor house, but then, he also says that utility is beauty.

  2. Deborah S. Farrell says:

    Yes, Chess, that photo of you at the door is classic. With the dogs I live with, it’s seeing their faces (heads) in the kitchen window when I pull into the driveway that says “home” to me. When I first got my digital camera, I kept trying to capture that in a photo, but the window reflected trees, etc. & I couldn’t get a good shot. I was taking a non-credit photography course in how to use your digital camera & asked the teacher for suggestions. He started telling me what all I could do with Photoshop, which made me grumpy because I was taking the class to learn how to take photographs, not learn how to Photoshop. I went home and the next day I figured out a low tech solution for eliminating the reflections — open the window! I have a great sequence of photos of first Buddy, and then Daisy, sticking their heads out of the window & looking all around. But I finally got the perfect shot, the one that says “home.” Except that we didn’t have Sammy back then, so it says one version of home.

    The night garden photos capture some of the mystery, and perhaps a little portent, of the garden at night. It’s fun to experiment. I think I learn best that way, by just going out and doing it, then reflecting on the results.

    Chess, you’ve talked about Brie cheese so much that I found myself buying some the other day. I bought the one that has a recipe for brie baked in puff pastry (en croute?), with strawberry jam, because that sounded like an adventurous New Year’s Eve thing. I order the baked brie at the winery up in the knobs (hills), but I’ve never made it. The dogs I live with will not be getting any, unless it doesn’t turn out well.

    • paridevita says:

      Yes, dogs at the window are a sign of home. The guy I live with says that Brie baked en croute is pretty good, but he likes it just the way it is. He has to share because my mommy, who really made our home a home, insisted that he share. She would even ……I wasn’t supposed to say this but I’m going to…..give us bites with her fork, at dinner. I didn’t like Camembert as much, kind of tart. I like Stilton, and really super extra like Fromager d’Affinois and Delice de Bourgogne. The guy I live with yearns for some Wensleydale, my mommy’s favorite, and Wallace’s favorite, too (“what’s wrong with Wensleydale?”), but all he can get here is Wensleydale with lemon or blueberries in it, which he says is weird. Oh, and I do like a bit of Gorgonzola, too.

      • Deborah S. Farrell says:

        Baked Brie with strawberry jam (Bon Maman, of course) is most excellent for breakfast on New Year’s day, I’ve discovered — although I’ve concluded the croute is unnecessary. I’ve come a long way from the days of believing Velveeta is cheese, but I don’t know that I’m familiar with Wensleydale. I’ll have to look for it if ever I make it across the river to the hoidy-toidy food store in Louisville. Big adventure.

        “Hope smiles on the threshold of the year to come, whispering that it will be happier.” Alfred, Lord Tennyson

      • paridevita says:

        The sour cherry and fig spreads from this company are extremely excellent. The guy I live with says Busha Browne’s Spicy Fruit Chutney is the most excellent of all accompaniments for Stilton. But hard to find. There’s even a Wallce & Gromit Wensleydale.

      • Deborah S. Farrell says:

        I’m doing this out of order — but mentioning the Wallace & Gromit Wensleydale made me realize that I saw some of that at a (now defunct) store in Louisville & bought it for my brother because he likes cheese and Wallace & Gromit. Guess you can say that my forgetting that means I’m no cheese whiz!

      • paridevita says:

        No cheese whiz. Very funny. I hear that sales of Wensleydale soared in the U.K. after “Curse of the Were-Rabbit” came out.

  3. Kim Bone says:

    The Bug! that line-green back ground amazing. Lime-green is my friend Susan Yetter’s favorite color and she only has wonderful things to say about your mommy. I’m gonna sent this post to her I know she’ll enjoy it. Night photos are great, nice immediate juxtaposition to the chartreuse, so pretty.

    • paridevita says:

      Probably a scarab beetle or something. There are lots of dead bugs in boxes here, though not nearly so many as there were. Most of the are at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science now.

  4. petabunn says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your guy Chess, may it be a healthy and happy one for you both…

  5. petabunn says:

    The first photo of you Chess could almost be the same photo as the post before except in this one you’re thinking not chatting. I really liked that beetle painting I thought it really looked 3 dimensional and was going to walk right off the board, so real looking. I wasn’t so much into the ‘artistic’ night photos, still you have to try everything once. I did like the final one though of you waiting for your guy to come back in. You had so much to say today, you’re guy seemed to achieve a lot today, it was all very interesting.

    • paridevita says:

      I agree with the pictures of the garden in the dark. He’s done that before, at least twice. The camera wants to have the flash on, which, by the way, is scary, and they turn out grainy and icky, otherwise.

  6. Night photos are treated as a genre of photography, and I’ve seen shows composed entirely of night shots. Tell your guy, Chess, to keep on venturing out into the dark armed with camera. Tell your guy also he’s changed the way I garden. And I love my own two doggies even more because I love you, Chess.
    Happy New Year to you both!

  7. Fisher, the Wonder Dog says:

    Check out these night shots!

    Warm best wishes for a most happy New Year to you both!

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