gloomy weather

Greetings and salutations everyone; once again it is I, Chess the purebred border collie, here to bring you the latest and greatest news from our garden, which today is hardly anything at all. You may remember me from such great posts as “The Seed Whisperer” and “The Sand Man”, among so many, many others.

Here I am in a characteristic pose, waiting for the guy I live with to notice me so that I can get a biscuit. I think he did eventually notice me, because he took my picture. I got a biscuit, too. 14042901The weather here has been “intolerably gloomy”, according to the guy I live with. He may be right, because it’s been chilly, if not cold, extremely windy, and overcast for a couple of days now. In most places this would mean rain, but here it just means wind. It makes the guy I live with really cranky.

To make things worse, for him anyway, I fell on my face on our afternoon walk, even getting dirt on my nose, and then when I tried to get up, my hind legs gave out, and the guy I live with said he thought this was the end, but I’ve stumbled like that before, and it wasn’t really any big deal, since I’m a senior dog now, though of course it’s going to occupy his mind until he finds something else to worry about. I know he worries about me a lot, and it’s probably good that he does, but sometimes he goes completely overboard with worry. He should learn a lesson or two from me.

Anyway, all the wind and gloom caused the guy I live with to cover the irises about to bloom, because the weather forecast even says it might go below freezing at night. He took this picture of Iris lycotis before it was tucked in for the night, using one of the special plant covers he made, which he keeps handy for times like this. 14042903Yesterday, all of a sudden, the guy I live with decided to put a bunch of flagstone in the front yard. It’s pretty ugly, and the guy I live with agrees with that, but he had to use “leftover flagstone”, and so the pieces aren’t all the same color.

I don’t much like it when he works out in the front yard, because I can’t go out and sit with him, which I like to do, just like I did when my mommy was here, and she would spend the day weeding, and I’d sit outside right next to her, which is where I always liked to be. Instead, I have to sit by the living room window, and just watch what’s happening in the front yard through the window.

What you see here is a muddy mess. The guy I live with dug holes for the flagstone, and then watered around them, so that the dirt would turn into mud and flow under and around the flagstone, which it sort of did. Then he says he’ll sow grass seed, blue grama seed that is, in between the flagstone so no one will notice anything with the color differences.

I always wonder when he says “no one will notice anything” and then talks about it constantly. 14042904The thing is, there’s this “horrible grass” in the front yard (some in the back yard, too), called “cheat grass” (Bromus tectorum), or “cheat”, or even–get this–“downy chess”. It wasn’t named after me because I’m not horrible at all. It’s an annual grass, and comes from the field behind us, but it makes the guy I live with slightly crazy. Or maybe I should say crazier.

His solution to deal with all the cheat grass was to cover it with flagstone.

He’s also been raving about “cool-season grasses” which he claims are spoiling the looks of the various “grassy areas”, but those are all in the back yard, and I can come out and sit with him, so I don’t mind cool-season grasses at all.

Well, that’s what’s been going on. Mostly a lot of complaining and worrying, and none of it by me. I just go with the flow, as they say. Here I am doing just that.


Until next time, then.


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12 Responses to gloomy weather

  1. Lucie K. says:

    I don’t think I could hold a candle to his laying of flagstone, or to his complaining. He’s a real professional on both fronts! I may have him beat with the worrying, though.

    • paridevita says:

      The guy I live with doesn’t worry about very much of anything, except me. He used to worry a lot, but not any more. Probably because he takes so many naps.

  2. Oh, Chess sweetie, if the guy you live with tucks in his iris at night – and what a gorgeous, regal Iris lycotis to tuck in – OF COURSE he’s going to parse your breathing and fret about each stumble. We, your readers, want those moments reported so we too may worry if that’s our mindset. All we need to cheer us is you, dear dog, as captured in the end photo, a dog at ease, a dog flowing with a universe containing both biscuits and cheese (what ho, you lie close by the refrigerator), a dog enjoying life. Certainly the well-placed beam of light heightens the effect of vitality in repose.
    Today was near as hot as weather gets around here in August, and we are in April yet. I expect there is warm weather heading your way, no need for the insulating iris blanket.

    • paridevita says:

      Thanks; well, he does fret about me. I was my mommy’s “little angel” and so the guy I live with gets all, you know, about me. Except I guess when he tries to get me out of bed in the morning. I like to sleep in. It started out nice today, then “gloomed up”, and now it’s nice again, with no wind. Everyone is complaining about the wind here, because it’s not warm.

  3. Vivian Swift says:

    Dear Chess, it’s good to know that you aren’t taking that little stumble too seriously. We live on a dizzying planet, what with it spinning on its axis at 1,000 miles per hour and rotating around the sun at 62,000 mph. It’s a wonder that Falling Down isn’t the norm. I know very well how hard it is to maintain this balancing act that we call Life on Earth and that’s why I often reward myself for getting through the day without keeling over with a nice piece of runny cheese. And when I say “runny cheese” I mean “wine”.

    • paridevita says:

      I agree; I tend to stumble on our walks, and have for a while now, maybe a year, and that’s because I’m retired and a senior citizen now. The guy I live with says I wasn’t paying attention to walking and was looking at the kids playing on the slide at the apartment complex north of the canal. That can’t really be, because I pay attention to everything all the time. The guy I live with says he’s surprised he can stay upright for most of the day.

  4. Deborah S. Farrell says:

    You look so relaxed in your sun spot, Chess. The dogs I live with like to lie in sunspots, too. And sometimes I join them. I am sorry to hear your legs aren’t working so well, but I find you’re such a trooper! I find your resilience inspiring.

    I think the different colored flagstones look fine, in that “variety is the spice of life” sort of way.

    I just heard from a classmate who lives in the area of Florida that got 21″ of rain and 65,000 lightning strikes in one day. I can’t even imagine that. We’ve got blue skies today, so I’m asking myself what I’m doing sitting at the computer. ~~~

    • paridevita says:

      Florida has the most lightning strikes; we have the second most, or so he says. One good reason to stay indoors most of the day. We haven’t had any yet. The guy I live with says you go above timberline here in the morning, unless you’re completely crazy, until about the middle of July, when it gets slightly safer. The guy I live with’s legs work worse than mine, actually; all the rock hauling, which has mysteriously stopped, caused his sciatica to flare up, and you should hear him when he does something to one of his trick knees. (He has two.)

      • Deborah S. Farrell says:

        Yowzer! I had sciatica once, about 20 years ago. Once was enough. I started doing yoga, even taught it for a while, and haven’t had a recurrence (yet). But I did hernia myself over the weekend, lining the woodland area with paver bricks. At his 90th birthday party last year, my uncle told me that “getting old ain’t for sissies.” He got that right!

      • paridevita says:

        Hernia, ow. Even dogs can get those. Not that we do any heavy lifting. The guy I live with originally got sciatica trying to start a lawn mower, pulling the rope, and got rid of the lawn mower and went to a push type, but now we have no lawn that needs regular mowing.

    • Deborah S. Farrell says:

      Duct tape for hernias?

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