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Hello everyone; once again it is I, Chess the purebred border collie, filling in for the guy I live with, and here to bring you the latest news from our garden, or, in this case, just to show a bunch of pictures because the guy I live with says to. You may remember me from such posts as “Nest-Building Time” and “Why A Duck?”, among so many, many others.

Here I am in a characteristically horticultural pose.14061304If you looked at this and thought I’m lying in the dirt among a bunch of grasses that really should be mowed, well, this is my “lawn”. The things I have to put up with.

Here’s another shot of it looking in the other direction, like if you were standing on the other side of the pile of gravel (a “garden”) that’s behind me and to my left. The “garden” is in the foreground here. 14061306The buffalograss he seeded a while back isn’t growing as quickly as he wants it to, but I would point out that he goes out and looks at it about once every half hour, and so no wonder it seems like nothing is happening.

He did promise me an actual lawn, which we purebred border collies kind of require, and so this is what I have to work with in the “way back”. If this looks weird to you, that’s because it probably is.14061305The first sowing of buffalograss seed didn’t do what he wanted it to (I know why; he didn’t sow enough seed), and so the other day he sowed a whole bunch, and covered it with this reddish sand. I’m sure that will work.

Here are some plant pictures, just to prove that something other than fretting about grass growing is going on here.

Let’s say this is Calylophus hartwegii. It’s a calylophus, anyway. If it were more in focus, you might be able to tell which species it really is, but the combination of fresh yellow flowers and orange spent ones is fairly attractive.14061302It’s related to Oenothera caespitosa. I know this is a really grainy picture, but the guy I live with read the instructions for the camera, and was “trying stuff out”, which is why this came out the way it did. It also explains why the house is full of hawk moths. They spend the day inside the house, and then the guy I live with has to capture them, and put them outside. I know I’ve said that already, but I need to again, for reasons which will be obvious in just a bit. 14061307And there was a lot of moaning and groaning about not being able to get the color right on Penstemon strictus. He didn’t know what happened there, but I do have a picture of Penstemon strictiformis, which, if you’re a snob like he is, is “even cooler”. It looks just like strictus to me.

That’s Rosa kokanica to the left.14061303Well, right now I would say that that’s all I have for today, but the guy I live with, who, aside from being busy rooting cactus and watching grass grow, has been putting hawk moths outside, as I said, and the other night he put one out in the front yard, and saw the moon, and had just read the camera instructions where there’s a button you push and you can take “beautiful night pictures without the use of a tripod”, and so he took some moon pictures, and if I didn’t show them, he’d be all put out and stuff.

So here are some moon pictures. These are looking southeast. moon1





moon6Now that’s got to be all I have. It was about a zillion degrees (F or C) today, and I roasted, so the guy I live with insisted on shampooing me, which was okay because now I feel better, at least a little cooler, and you can see how fluffy and shampooed I look when I was checking out all the barking going on in the neighborhood. I thought about going out to the “way back” to see what was what, but decided not to. The guy I live with’s motto is “why do stuff?”, and I guess that’s mine, too.

In fact, on the little chalkboard next to the wall phone (we still have one of those), there’s a quote from Jack Kerouac which has been there for years: “I am the Buddha known as The Quitter.”

The less you do, the less trouble you can get into. In theory, anyway. 14061301

Until next time, then.


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4 Responses to a bunch of pictures

  1. petabunn says:

    You do look lovely and fluffy in the last photo Chess, perusing your domain. What a fine garden it is. It is good to see all the different sections or gardens within your garden, pity it is such a small lawned area for you, I now have a really big green lawn and I love it. Unfortunately the builders have dug lots of holes for my new home and made lots of mud, as I may have mentioned in the past it does rain a bit here. I don’t even mind that now and my mum has to sometime call me inside because I am lying outside in the rain, she thinks I am crazy. Tell your guy they were impressive moon photos too.

    • paridevita says:

      Thanks; I feel lovely and fluffy. I do have a largish lawn in back (it takes the guy I live with five minutes to mow, with a push mower), which is okay, but if you think about it the way I do, I have a really big lawn just beyond the fence. I never liked to lie out in the rain, because of the you-know-what that almost always comes with it, but I used to like to lie out in the hot sun, which the guy I live with said was illegal. There aren’t many rules here, but lying out in the hot sun was one there was a rule against.

  2. Chess, sometimes the way you lay out the photos of the guy you live with within the text pushes the words into poetry: Sentence left hanging, beautiful photo, mot juste. I tell you that to leave no thought unwritten before we ourselves push off for Winchester, England tomorrow. Hope we find poetry there. Another of my thoughts is most often the background makes the garden, and the garden sets off its background. True of your garden as shown in these photos. Border collies, pure bred or other, I would expect to prefer a rough patch of grass on which to lie to manicured. I am full of such thought today, thoughts such as the leafy green of calylophus sets off the colors of the yellow and orange flowers. Rosa kananica – from Southwest Asia! – is reported to have small flowers, but the ones on your plant seem large. Something in the non-water, perhaps. Moon shots are striking, and so silvery, and this for the “honey” moon named for its amber display. I love how the fore plants show so well and artsy and recede in dominance as the series progresses. You are fortunate to live in such a beauty spot, such a fitting setting for the proud, majestic – clean – dog on watch.

    • paridevita says:

      Thanks; I try my best to be majestic, even when being shampooed. The flowers on Rosa kokanica are not very big, really, and this isn’t a good year for the rose, but, as the guy I live with would say, whatever. There’s another post about it, somewhere, showing the leaves, which are diagnostic. Oh, and he knows a song about Winchester, and the cathedral there. That dates him, he says. Also, about the moon pictures. I think he realized that the front porch light was on in the first couple pictures.

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