chasing hawks

Greetings and salutations, everyone; yes, once again it is I, Mani the purebred border collie, filling in for the guy I live with, and here to bring you, well, not really any news, but just a post, I guess. You may remember me from such posts as “Bunnies And Flies”, among, so many, many others.

Here I am in a characteristic pose.17012601I was just standing there, and there weren’t any biscuits on anyone’s head, if you wanted to know.

It’s been pretty cold here in the last couple of days, not so much temperature-wise, but humidity-wise. We’re not used to the combination of cold and humidity, and the wind can cut right through a purebred border collie’s coat and make him feel all totally freezing, like temperatures much colder but with less humidity can’t.

The guy I live with and I have been having a serious disagreement over my insistence on barking at a squirrel who has taken up residence in the nesting box in the corner of the house, by the patio. The guy I live with claims there is no squirrel there, after repeatedly poking the box with a long stick, but I say there still is a squirrel there. Or there might be, later.

Yesterday, we went on our walk; it was cold. The guy I live with saw a hawk; for once, he had his camera (obviously), and wanted to take hawk pictures, but I kept pulling him in some other direction. Eventually he did get some pictures of the hawk, after I scared it.img_1856









img_1865And then it was gone.

The guy I live with said it landed in a tree farther south, so we went to look for it. I dragged him down into the dry creek bed, through a bunch of burdock plants. He got burrs in his woolen gloves, the kind open at the fingertips, like he wore when he worked outside. He started saying things, so we turned around and went back the way we came.

Eventually we got to the place behind our house; the guy I live with turned around and took this picture. 17012605Not much happened today. I did eventually acknowledge that the squirrel wasn’t where I thought it was. The guy I live with can be right sometimes.

There was some seed sowing. A few old packets of seed from Southwestern Native Seeds were sown. The guy I live with used to order from that place, but they’re gone now.

He finally got his labels for importing seed, and bought a color cartridge for the printer (you get a PDF and print out the labels), but for some reason the printer didn’t want to print in color. More language ensued. He said it was a bit late to order seeds, and so he said he would wait until next winter to order seeds. Technically, he could order now, get the seeds within a month (maybe), and still have time either to stratify them or sow them outdoors.

Some seeds were stratified today. He decided to try a different method, so he called a friend in the nursery industry to see how she did it, and she puts the seeds in a plastic bag with some water, swirls the water around, pours the seed into a tea-strainer, and puts the moistened seed back into the plastic bag. Which is how he did it today. The seeds are in freezer bags in a box in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator.17012703That’s a picture of the box. Maybe this is the dumbest picture I’ve ever posted. (You’ll also notice that the box is the only thing in the drawer. He does eat vegetables, but they don’t sit in the crisper drawer.)

We also went on our evening walk. It’s really an afternoon walk, but “evening walk” sounds more evocative, doesn’t it?

This is what we saw.17012701I guess that’s it. I know this has been an extremely rambling post, but sometimes we purebred border collies get distracted, you know. The guy I live with says I have a hard time focusing on much of anything, at times, except where imaginary squirrels are concerned.

I’ll let you go now.17012702

Until next time, then.


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10 Responses to chasing hawks

  1. My heavens, Mani, imaginary squirrels are surely worthy of focus. Do you also bark at owls? You may tell the guy you live with that the photos of a darkening hawk sky are terrific. The sunset sky is magnificent enough to replace your photo as my computer wallpaper, but that’s not happening. The characteristic pose was attached to your prior post and cannot be beat. My own dogs refuse to be photographed, if you want to know. And there you are posing even without benefit of forehead biscuit.

    • paridevita says:

      Thanks. No, I don’t bark at owls; they’re much too scary. When I was little, they scared me with midnight hooting while I was trying to be all cozy in my upstairs fort. The hawk pictures were taken with the point-and-shoot using the option where it shoots up to ten pictures in a burst. Like the ones of me running, a while back. I’m not so sure I like having my picture taken, either, but it happens.

  2. Mark Mazer says:

    What species is that hawk?

    • paridevita says:

      Swainson’s, maybe.

      • Susan Hunter says:

        Hi, It’s a dark morph of a Red-tailed hawk. The Swainson’s hawks go to Argentina and other points south for the winter.
        I like the sound of the different stratification method. How ling do the seeds need to be chilled? Thanks.

      • paridevita says:

        Ah, thanks. The red tail was quite conspicuous this morning, in the sun. Seeds need to be chilled for one, two, three months, sometimes more.

  3. Mark Mazer says:

    Thanks. We have a pair of red-tailed hawks that nest on the farm. Last week they put on a marvelous aerial breeding display.

  4. Barb K says:

    Hey if you scroll really fast you can see that hawk flying. I’m looking forward to some similar shots of you chasing a squirrel. Thanks for posting more often, and I think I speak for us all….

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