look who’s three

official birthday portrait


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16 Responses to look who’s three

  1. Rosie46 says:

    Happy birthday Mani – I am sure the guy you live with will have lots of treats lined up for your special day!

  2. Your official portrait shows a forthright, pure-bred Border Collie in charge of his world. Congratulations, and Happy Birthday, Mani.

  3. mjkeane says:

    Happy Birthday, Mani!

  4. cindeesgarden says:

    Happy Birthday Mani! Hope you got some nice treats(-:

  5. BTW, dear Mani, *mwaaah* and a great big hug.

  6. lifecameos says:

    Stunning portrait Mani. I hope you enjoy your special day.

  7. christine says:

    Dear doggie…three years of comfort and joy! Thanks for sharing your continuing journey:)

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