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Greetings and salutations, everyone; yes, once again it is I, your popular host, Mani the purebred border collie, here to bring you up to date on the latest happenings in our garden. You maybe remember me from such posts as “The Missing Grass”, among so many, many others.

Here I am in a characteristic pose. Pretty cute, I know. It’s not hard for me. (The guy I live with says that’s immodest.)

As usual, not much has been happening, except for a lot of weeding. “What else would a person do in Weedopolis”, he asked. I guess that was a rhetorical question.

It rained again, night before last, about half an inch. We do sometimes get rain at this time of year. You can see how green the garden looks. Not everything green is weeds, though.
Even the field is still green. It’s supposed to get hot in a couple of days, and stay hot, and if they mow the grass then it will probably turn brown and stay that way for the rest of the summer.A rose that the guy I live with thought was gone, after he dug up the roses and gave them to a friend who owns a nursery, has come back.
This is ‘Felicité Parmentier’, a very fragrant rose. The guy I live with finally sowed the seeds of holy and Thai basil that he got from J.L. Hudson earlier this year. Maybe he should have spaced out the seeds a bit more.He said he’d really like to go to the Asian market and stock up on things for, especially, Thai food, but he stills hesitates to go out. (He did drive the car around a bit the other day.)
Colorado has “reopened”, a little anyway, and the virus cases aren’t going up like in some other states, but he just doesn’t feel like going out at all. There is a rock garden meeting next week and he’s going to that.

Back to seeds, he’s been struggling with germination of seeds of Amsonia eastwoodiana and Amsonia tomentosa. (Some botanists say they’re the same species.)
Seeds germinate very quickly but then “damp off”, as they say overseas. The guy I live with doesn’t know why.
These are growing in sand.

So the latest idea is to let these keep growing in the posts, and try some direct sowing of germinated seeds. He sowed some seeds directly a month ago and nothing has happened. This new method has worked for other seeds. Seeds go into a wet coffee filter, then into a freezer bag, closed shut or not, and then on the heating mat. 

This is the result a couple of days later.These were planted into the “sand pile” just today. We’ll see what happens.

That’s pretty much it, gardening wise. No more LPs have arrived in the mail, and not much of anything else has happened.
There was a considerable amount of moping, yesterday, and I thought I would share the reason why.
The guy I live with was just doing things on the computer, looking for something, the way you do (I can never find anything interesting), and, well, remember how we talked about Radiohead a while back, and how much his wife loved them?
He’s entering the second decade of being alone here, without her, and so this song struck him. His wife claimed not to like the original. But this is a different version which you might enjoy even if you don’t like Radiohead (which we don’t want to know).

The guy I live with said that Hildegard of Bingen would not have known what harmony was (in the musical sense that we do today), “But, like, whatever”.

Now that really is all for today. The pace of our life has slowed down quite a bit, which we both like. (I won’t talk about what the guy I live with said when he was trying to contact the Internal Revenue Service the other day, about his mom’s estate tax returns…)
I’ll leave you with a picture of me just hanging out in my Kitchen Fort.

Until next time, then.

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  1. barbk52 says:

    Well,I think you two will be able to make your fortunes selling basil. I hesitate to make a suggestion to those with vastly superior plant knowledge but have you tried a fan blowing gently on your seedlings? I never had another damp off when I started doing that. Of course, mine are things like gomphrena and the like. Funny, I just listened to someone singing that song. Tom Ellis from Lucifer, a very very silly show which is just what I need.

    • paridevita says:

      The guy I live with said he though maybe putting the seedlings outdoors would work. The cover on the propagator was on. It’s probably 15 percent humidity in the house right now.
      A fan might work but there would have to be constant checking, and watering.
      They’re semi-desert species, growing in sand in the wild, so the guy I live with says that since water moves very quickly downward through sand, the seeds must just get wet when it rains or snows and then germinate very quickly in what would be pretty dry conditions, or during a period of a couple of days of rain.
      Unlike the basil.
      We watch “Lucifer” too. Well, he does. And some other things.
      I fall asleep. He falls asleep too and then makes me get up and go outside for Tinkle Time at like one in the morning.
      This morning it was at one-thirty, and there was a cool breeze blowing and everything was quiet except for the guy I live with telling me to hurry up.

  2. Mark Mazer says:

    Comb me!

  3. Mee-yow yore not immodest at all Mani…you jsut know how CUTE you are…even tho’ mee iss a Kitty girl mee thinkss yore cute an hansum….
    Yore Felicity Parmyter flower lookss usut like one of THE rose bushess wee have inn our wee garden here! An yore clevurr too…LadyMew sayss you know more than shee doess ’bout flowerss…
    Wee have had sum wild Funderstormss here last 2 dayss an nitess….an so windy! And sum *heet* butt it iis kewlin off now. An LadyMew has bin waterin 2 front lawnss that were soiled an seeded…then shee has had 2 dayss off an today our Cuss-toadian roared all over THE place on ridin lawnmower an mashed up THE earth an seedss…so now no seedss an lotss of dirt! LadyMew iss NOT happy!
    An wee are inn Stage 1 an going to Stage 2 tomorrow; but liek youre Guy shee iss stayin home just THE same. Mee-yow Radiohead iss quite kewl Mani!
    Wishin you an yore Guy a nice weekend!
    **purrss** BellaDharma

    • paridevita says:

      Oh, that’s too bad. The same thing happened to the guy I live with when he seeded a lawn in someone else’s yard. Wiped out in two days.
      No thunder here. It’s supposed to be in the nineties, Fahrenheit, for a while now. When it gets that hot, the humidity goes way down, and no thunder. Usually.

      • LadyMew was ‘fit to bee tyed’ Mani…shee was FURRY angry! Shee wanted to grow grass so it lookss nie out front werhe wee live but stew-pid Cuss-toadian had to go mess thingss up. Shee will not even speek to him! (Shee’s REELLY angry!)
        Wee were over 90 deegreess Monday thru Wednesday butt iss back to our normal now…much nicer….wee get so much Humiditee with our *heet* it iss furry unpleasant!
        Wishin you an yore Guy a grate weekend! 😉

      • paridevita says:

        Thanks; same to you. Though we really don’t have weekends. The guy I live with was like totally weirded out when he realized that days no longer had a “flavor”, or feeling, about six months after he retired.
        The grass seed and mulch and fertilizer that was wiped out was stuff he paid for, so he was even more irked.

  4. tonytomeo says:

    Do pure bred border collies enjoy music like other people do? Rhody just ignores it.

  5. Hello
    It struck me that your damping off problem might possibly be related to the ph levels in your bedding soils. If your seeds germinate. grow for awhile and then fade – then maybe they don’t like the underlying ph levels- either too acid or alkaline ? Of course this could be completely wrong – but it might be worth considering – anyway good luck with the seedlings, the garden -and the World! B

  6. Mani – what does the guy think about the Brian Justin Crum version of ‘Creep’? Very emotional

  7. Seemss like yore Guy an mee LadyMew are both irked bye silly gardenin stuff…..today LadyMew trimmed THE hedge an then trimmed our nayburr’ss Hydrangea Bush (iss sorta a mini-tree). Shee pulled all THE wild Furget-Mee-Notss as they have gone to seed. So it openss space inn our wee garden an nayburrss for more flowerss to grow,
    You know Mani, LadyMew sayss THE furry SAME thing…today shee woke up an told mee it was Sunday….mee sorta thott no iss Caturday….shee had to tern Weather Channelle on to find out what day it was…mee thinkss our Hu’manss are leernin to live like us: just goin with THE flow….butt mee thinkss Hu’manss not guud at doin this! 😉

    • paridevita says:

      No, humans are not always good at that, though the guy I live with has to remind himself constantly that there’s nothing he has to do. He’s going to a meeting next week (gets to see his friend, finally), and then to the doctor next month, but that’s really it.
      It’s Saturday night, which is often old black-and-white movie night, but not, I guess, tonight.
      Not much gardening today. Oh, some pruning in the front yard, but I didn’t help with that.

  8. FINALLY a characteristic pose in which you are totally spotible. Unmissable, in fact. So the guy you live with says you’re immodest. No, no, no. Please convey the message that he is by far too modest; therefore disqualified from believably calling out immodesty. I too require the services of a spa, Mani, but as few ever see me, I put that visit off. Way off. Is this the best season in the garden, Mani? Seems to be the season your place most resembles a “traditional” garden, which I’ve seen and read about, but we don’t ourselves keep that kind here. I realize I don’t know the music of anyone you write about this week, but I did decades ago hear that Robbie person mentioned last week. He ran with a distinguished crew. It’s dear Ella for me these days, preferably the early Ella. Good fortune with the seeds — every garden can always use more plants stuffed in. Remember: Nurture, nurture, nurture.

    • paridevita says:

      Thanks. Well, I don’t know. He says we purebred border collies are pretty immodest as a breed. Something about intelligence and stuff.
      The rain (maybe a couple of inches in the last month; there was a downpour a while back) really helped the native grasses, and the smooth brome in the field, too.
      The guy I live with says to say that he gave, or maybe loaned, to his friend a set of Chick Webb CDs that has very early Ella Fitzgerald on lots and lots of tracks. Worth checking out.

      • Ohh, ohh. One of my favorite activities, researching.
        BTW, Mani, love that smelly rose!

      • paridevita says:

        The guy I live with says it’s a boxed CD set called Stomping at the Savoy.
        He ordered some roses today, believe it or not.
        (This is a new and kind of weird way to reply to comments. Your comment was initially marked as spam, lol.)

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