look who’s six

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Already? Wasn’t he a puppy last week?

  2. Mark Mazer says:

    Happy b’day to you, and also my daughter’s dog, Jackenstein vom Furstenhaus, who also happens to be Fred the Babybeast’s uncle. Fred turns six on Wednesday.

  3. Christine says:

    Happy Birthday, dear Doggie! Thank you for sharing your six years with us! Are those your birthday boots? How do you feel about them?

    • paridevita says:

      Thanks. I’ve had the boots for quite a while, but started wearing them last week, because of the snow. At first they were awkward, but they do keep ice from the inside of my paws.
      This picture was actually taken day before yesterday, but the guy I live with likes it so much he thought it would be a good birthday picture, too.

  4. Rebecca Diane Lancaster says:

    Happy birthday, Mani!! I love reading about your adventures with the guy you live with. I hope he gives you some special treats today!

  5. HURRAH!!!! HURRAH!!! Wee are so happy it’ss tore Birfday Mani!!
    Happy happy Birfday mee frend! You look so hansum inn yore mew (new) bootss!!
    May THE comin yeer bee filled with snax an treetss an l-o-n-g walkss an lotss of ❤ LOVE ❤ from yore Guy!!!!
    ***paw kissess*** an ~~head rubss~~BellaDharma~~ an {{huggiess}} LadyMew too

  6. barbk52 says:

    Happy birthday!! Best picture ever!! A non-birthday present for us!

  7. Happy Birthday!!!!!

  8. tonytomeo says:

    . . . but do you get only one annually, or seven?

  9. That iss grate Mani! Iss -10 Cellseeus here an tryin to snow!! Mee meowed to go out inn Condo an sumone (LadyMew) laffed an meowed “Not ahppenin littel girl…”
    Maybee mee shuud have bin a doggie???

    • paridevita says:

      Well, I don’t know. As a dog, I have quite a few responsibilities. I mean, it’s not all just lying around, eating biscuits in bed, and watching TV. It can be a rough life, you know.
      It’s 2C at 9:53 p.m., here.

      • Mew mew mew mee heerss you Mani! Yore seecurity deetail an body guard an companeeon…..An you have to xercise yore Guy too!
        Iss a ruff life rite?? Mew mew mew 😉

      • paridevita says:

        Life is indeed rough.

      • Ruff inndeed!!! Mew mew mew …….
        Meowy Catmass Mani an Guy….

      • paridevita says:

        The guy I live with claims my life is not even remotely rough. Like he would know.

      • Mew mew mew…mee heerss you Mani. Hu’amnss are so complycated aren’t they??
        LadyMew came fore mee aftur 2 failed adopshunss (aftur mee Unkell Siddhartha went to Purr Land). An when shee took mee to Vet who had bin mye Vet all mee Life an shee was told how mee wandered THE meen streetss of Wireton shee cried…alot….Shee said mee wuud nevurr bee a ‘shadow cat’ again! An mee nevurr wantss to bee a street cat again eether!

      • paridevita says:

        No, I wouldn’t like that either.
        The guy I live with had a failed adoption, too, after Slipper died. The dog attacked Chess all day long.

      • Oh yore poor Guy!! An poor Chess beein attacked inn his own home bye THE mew doggie…Mee hopess yore Guy got over that sadness. LadyMew too had a failed adoption after Grate-Aunty Mingflower went to Purr Land. LadyMew adopted a Siamese mix kitty girl an shee was a sprayer. LadyMew spent $$ to get Sage-Sumdge fixed an all that an 3 dayss later shee started sprayin again. LadyMew tooked S-S back to Shelter an surrendered her. Thee Shelter peepell reefunded LadyMew her money which was furry nice of them. LadyMew said shee cried for weekss an reefused to look at another cat….til Aunty NYLABLUE…the Shelter peepell called LadyMew an said NYLABLUE needed to bee rescued from their Sister’ss place an LadyMew agreed to rescue Aunty NYLABLUE….it was 3 monthss ‘tween failed adoptshun of S-S an Aunty an it werked out purrfectlee….

      • paridevita says:

        It’s good when things like that work out.
        Slipper, a purebred border collie who lived here before me, got liver cancer. He struggled with it four for months. He was doing fairly okay but went downhill one day, and the next day he died on the back patio here, with Chess, his first cousin, standing guard, 364 days after the guy I live with’s wife died here. He was right there with Slipper, too.
        So then the guy I live with thought Chess should have a companion, and tried this rescue dog, but the dog hated Chess, and attacked him all day long, even though Chess was trying to make friends.
        And that was that.
        It turned out that Chess was okay being an only dog, and quickly learned to like that a lot. He had gained a lot of weight eating the food that Slipper wouldn’t eat, so there was that, but things were pretty good for some years afterward.

      • Mee-yow wow what a story Mani! Mee an Chess are simmylar. Mee preefurrss to bee THE ONLEE cat…mee not get on with other catss. Probablee ’cause off mee beein semi-feral fore allmost 4 yeerss an then beein alone inn a room at Sheltur fore allmost 2 yeerss aftur…
        Mee likess it here with LadyMew; just THE 2 of us…. 😉

      • paridevita says:

        Being an only dog is okay though it would be nice to have someone to play with out in the back yard. Someone I liked. When I went to Day care they said I might not like having someone else in my house.
        I get all the attention.

      • Mee getss you toetallee Mani! Mee not like to share LadyMew with any other kitty. Mee doess not mind if shee talkss to a doggie…butt NOT a kitty!
        An mee iss not guud at sharin toyss or food or LadyMew with anyone else! 😉
        Mee LOVESS beein pampurred!!!

      • paridevita says:

        It is pretty nice to be pampered. I do get jealous when the guy I live with talks to other dogs. It doesn’t happen very often these days, though.

      • Same here Mani! Mee wuud get a bit pouty when LadyMew spoke to Jasmine doggie butt mee knowss shee missess her poochie frendss…..so mee was guud ’bout.
        Then stew-pid Covid cam an wee not seen Jasmine since Seppytemburr!! Now mee wuud LOVE to see that cute littel poochie girl….**sighss**

      • paridevita says:

        We haven’t seen anyone for months, except for the guy I live with’s friend, who came over when the Covid wasn’t so bad. I got to say Hi to her and everything.

      • Wee not had anyone inn our place since Novemburr…no Aunty Melinda; no Miss Reeni; no Aunty Debbie…just LadyMew an mee…..day inn an day out….
        **sighss** BellaDharma

      • paridevita says:

        Yep. We almost never see anyone. The guy I live with talks to his nice neighbors, and talks to people on the phone, but not very many people.
        He is perfectly okay just sitting here by himself, and I have a lot of things to do, like bark at squirrels and stuff, but every now and then the isolation does get to him.

  10. Happy birthday, Mani. Love you in your Portrait of an August and Elegant Pure-Bred Border Collie. Finest kind, of course, brave, fierce, intelligent and devoted. Such a dog deserves brie on his birthday. (Dare we hope that somewhere exists an Mani Annual Portrait gallery?)

    • paridevita says:

      Thanks; I am of course all of those things.
      The guy I live with says (aside from what I just said being immodest) that you can find birthday pictures of me on every post done on my birthday, December 18th. Except of course the day I was born, in a place far away from here. (Fort Lupton, I think.)

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