more endlessness

Greetings and salutations, everyone; yes, once again it is I, your popular host, Mani the purebred border collie, here today to explain why I’ve been gone for so long. You may remember me from such posts as “At A Standstill”, among so many, many others.

Here I am in a characteristic pose.
Or maybe I should say characteristic run, since I was going out to check something. It was really cold.
You can probably see that it snowed here. I forget what day this was; the guy I live with says it’s never going to stop snowing here, and that it’s just more endlessness.

Lots of people who live here go wild every time it snows, talking about “moisture” and stuff like that. He says that’s a holdover from when everyone had bluegrass lawns, and people really wanted the Denver area to look like, say, Virginia, but that since it only snows in the winter here, and doesn’t rain, people pretend it’s the same as rain, even though it isn’t.
Most of the snow here evaporates, in a process called sublimation (I learn stuff, sometimes), and the snow that melts only penetrates the soil maybe half an inch, and then it freezes, and causes more problems for plants.
The way winters were, so I hear, is that they were mostly warm, with occasional cold, or really cold, spells. Winters here lately have been chilly almost every day.

If you look at the post I mentioned, you’ll see that it snowed then, but there were crocuses in flower. There are no crocuses in flower here now. Everything’s been frozen since last November.

Anyway, last week they were predicting super cold for us on the weekend, and the guy I live with was pretty freaked out. We do have super cold here, but I think he was on edge because of the fire earlier, and he started to worry that the furnace would go out. He has a service plan that would take care of that, but he was still nervous.
We got a dusting of snow, and on Saturday we had a high of two degrees (-16.6C), which I thought was perfect weather for a walk, though my evening walk was cut short because the guy I live with thought it might be okay for me not to wear my boots, but it wasn’t. My paws iced up.
Sunday night it got down to -11F (-23.8C), which was cold, believe me. So cold that the guy I live with went outside with me at Tinkle Time, just to make sure, you know. Nothing happened to the plants in the garden. And the furnace worked perfectly well.

A week or so before the cold struck, the guy I live with got a call from his doctor’s office, saying he needed to come in and get vaccinated, but it was for something called “shingles” instead of Covid-19. He was kind of disappointed that he couldn’t get the latter (that will be next month), but it was very important not to get shingles; he knows someone who lost the sight in one eye because of shingles.
And so, naturally, he worried about the car not starting. So he had two worries, all last weekend. I know, because I was there.
The car started up just fine on Monday, and he “took it out for a spin” on the highway, and then went to the doctor’s the next day.
He felt fairly icky the day after the shot, but got better. He also felt “more than stupid” about the worrying, but I know there are what people call “extenuating circumstances”, kind of like when I get nervous and have to hide in one of my forts.

Then it warmed up, sort of, then it snowed again, then it warmed up (again, sort of).
The guy I live with took this picture today.
There are actually two snowdrops in the picture; one by the plastic label, too.

That’s really all I have for today. I’ll leave you with a blurry picture of me, on my evening walk, before it started to snow…again.

Until next time, then.

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23 Responses to more endlessness

  1. tonytomeo says:

    Does the guy you live with have a fort, just in case the furnace has a problem?

  2. Mani – I have just read that an aeroplane dropped parts of its engine around Denver. I hope none of it landed near you – that would be REALLY scary.
    I hope it warms up for you real soon. I got my first COVID jab on Friday (I’m in the UK )

    • paridevita says:

      The guy I live with said he saw that on the news last night. It was pretty far away from here, fortunately.
      It’s not supposed to warm up for at least another week…

  3. Lisa says:

    I’m glad to hear the guy you live with gets his shots. I knew someone with shingles, and it sounds like it can be pretty much the worst thing. I think I had the shot, I’ll have to check. I did get my pneumonia one, another important one. We don’t like them any more than you do, Mani, but they are for our own good.
    Have you ever shown us your snow boots?

    • paridevita says:

      I don’t think I’ve ever shown a picture of me wearing my boots. It’s kind of embarrassing.
      It was Shingrix that the guy I live with got. I guess he had a shingles shot years ago, but this is like stronger or something.

  4. Mee-yow wow it sure was a busy an sorta fretfull time there Mani an Guy!
    LadyMew wurriess so much ’bout so many thingss. Shee cuud get a Gold Medal fore “Most Wurryin Woman Efurr”.
    Yore tempyturess are frigid just as ours are all month. THE only diffyrence iss wee gotted 3 FEET of snow….LadyMew can not shovel any of it beecause of her spinal an pelvic bone issuess an pain…Shee used to shovel fore many peepell inn buildin an no ne even offerss to help her now….Shee meow ed to Cuss-todain if Housin wantss THE path shovelled one of THE Housin Peepss can due it!! Shee iss purrty fed up with meen peepell.
    Mee hopess yore Guy iss feelin bettur aftur Shingless shot!
    Hope hee getss his Vaccine soon…..LadyMew’ss 2nd hubby Mistur Dave iss still gettin over Covid butt hee has mew issuess from it. Now hee iss what iss called a ‘long hauler’….it has even messed up his short-term memoree….Mee hopess yore Guy an mee LadyMew NEVURR getss this nasty Viruss! EFURR!
    You look adoorabell inn yore fotoss’ Mani….see you next time….
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an guud wishess LadyMew

    • paridevita says:

      Thanks; same to you two. We got a half inch of snow last night. The guy I live with can shovel that.
      I think when people live alone they can sometimes worry more than when they lived with someone.
      Sometimes he writes a note, so he can see how silly the worry is.

      • Mark Mazer says:

        “I think when people live alone they can sometimes worry more than when they lived with someone.” True.. He’s really worried about you Mani.

      • paridevita says:

        I know he especially worries about being able to get my favorite food. No one online has it. But maybe the store down the street does. (That’s where he got it the last time.)

      • Mani yore Guy iss RITE!! LadyMew meowed to mee when shee had a Huzband shee did not wurry half as much. Shee felt like shee cuud face anything.
        Mee meowed back that shee has mee so shee iss NOT all alone….shee said mee iss a sweet baby girl an *kissed* mee….
        Mee will show LadyMew yore reply…maybee shee shuud rite herself sum notess πŸ˜‰

      • paridevita says:

        Well, the guy I live with’s late wife was one of those people who didn’t worry about anything, so he doesn’t have that counterbalance.
        He has me, but I don’t pay much attention to things like that, unless he starts talking to himself, which he does a lot, and always has.

      • Mee-yow same with LadyMew…her 2 Huzbandss Mistur Kevin was level headed an Mistur Paul was a wild one butt hee kept LadyMew grounded sumhow.
        An what iss it ’bout them meowin to themselvess?? Iss purrty funny….
        Or when LadyMew meowss at THE Tee V mewss peepell. Mee iss like “LadyMew they can NOT heer you!!” Silly LadyMew πŸ˜‰

      • paridevita says:

        Humans can be pretty funny.

      • Mew mew mew ! Heelareeus Mani!! Inndeed!

  5. ceci says:

    Interesting about the snow evaporating vs adding to the water table; I had no idea and need to do more research on that! We did the old shingles shots and then the new one dose one, and it did make us feel pretty poorly. BUT not as bad as shingles I’m sure – I worked with a woman who was complaining about a rash on her belly, showed it to me, and I said “leave now and go to the doctor, you have shingles”. No idea where THAT had been hiding out in my brain but it turned out I was right and various other co-workers insisted on showing me rashes for a while, not great for the squeamish! I share the tendency to worry about furnaces, electricity, water….we are so dependent on these things! Worry may be bad for the stomach lining but help us pre-solve problems?

    Stay warm!


    • paridevita says:

      Thanks. I can rely on my heavy winter coat, of course.
      I guess shingles is really bad. The guy I live with had chicken pox in…1956. A very, very, very, very long time ago.
      It’s windy out right now, and too cold for the snow to melt, so the paths in the garden are icy. If the snow melted, the water would only go down so far, because most of the soil is frozen, and has been since November. (It didn’t used to be that way, and the guy I live with has a hard time dealing with it.) And if the soil weren’t frozen, then it would be after the snow melted into it.

  6. Mark Mazer says:

    How deep can your soils freeze? Temps at depth?

  7. I know exactly what you mean. We normally have freeze-thaw cycles all winter here, and only intermittent snow, but we’ve had a spate of storms one after the other for the past six weeks. I am starting to forget what my what-passes-for-kind-of-a-lawn looks like, because it’s still under all that white. It was kind of green…right??

    • paridevita says:

      White is kind of a boring color. The guy I live with says snow should be a different color every time it snows. (He’s kind of strange.)
      Our winters here used to be mostly warm, with the occasional blast of Arctic air. There was one February, last century, when it didn’t freeze at all, even at night. That’s all changed. We don’t get warm downslope winds (coming from the mountains) that melt all the snow. It’s just mostly the same every single day.

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