pandemic blues

Greetings and salutations, everyone; yes, once again it is I, your popular host, here today to talk about how boring things are. You may remember me from such posts as “Chasing Hawks”, among so many, many others.

Here I am in a characteristic pose.
I think you might be able to tell that it was a pretty nice day today. The ice you see on the path has mostly melted.

The indoor plants that are being propagated are doing okay, I guess, because I haven’t heard any loud moaning and groaning.
The cactus are growing very slowly, the way they do.
The sea daffodils (Pancratium maritimum) are doing quite well.
And the manzanitas may have rooted. The guy I live with tugged ultra-gently on them, and only the one on the right came out of the pot.

Those strange patterns you see on the drywall behind are from when there was a lot of misting going on, years ago. (Misting with a plastic spray bottle.)

Oh, this is interesting. To me, anyway. The other day, on one of my walks, the guy I live with noticed some tracks in the snow, which at first he thought were made by a cat, but the tracks went on and on. He said that if we saw the tracks stop, and then appear on the other side of a fence (all of the back yard fences here are chain link, because the field we walk in is a floodplain, and there can’t be wooden fences), that it would almost certainly be a cat, but also that cats usually don’t walk for hundreds of feet in the snow.
But instead, the tracks went all the way down the coyote path, and then into the field, and down to the canal. So the guy I live with said it might have been a fox.
I’ve never seen a fox. And now I’d like to.

So, anyway, probably like a large number of other people on the planet, the guy I live with is really tired of all this isolation.
It isn’t as though he would be going out every day, but a visitor or two would be nice. (After everyone is vaccinated, of course.)
I can tell that it’s becoming a bit much. The isolation, combined with the smell from next door (I get worried when he gets sick from the smell), and the constant snow (it’s supposed to snow again day after tomorrow) are getting to him, but he just keeps going.

He’s become used to his reading glasses now and is doing a lot more reading than he had for years.
Last weekend, we had Opera Day, like Chess, the purebred border collie who lived here before me, used to enjoy so much. (It mostly involves napping, so it’s totally excellent.)

And, you know, there are snowdrops. Like the picture in the “header”. There are a lot of them. Some of the flowers were damaged by the cold, weekend before last, and maybe the display won’t be as good as in previous years, but the snowdrops seem unfazed by the very cold temperatures. (The soil doesn’t freeze in this part of the garden, by the way.)Just today, there was one crocus. Crocus versicolor, if you wanted to know.There was a bee visiting, but it flew away before it could get its picture taken.

Tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer than today was. The guy I live with says he can tell when it’s going to snow, because the days keep getting warmer and warmer, and then it snows. It’s kind of like an endless cycle of disappointment, but the guy I live with says that’s a metaphor.

Well, that’s all I have for today.

Until next time, then.

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12 Responses to pandemic blues

  1. Paddy Tobin says:

    Yes, these days are pretty miserable. While you have snow, we (south-east Ireland) have incessant rain. Sunday and Monday were two dry days and we spent both days in the garden, staying out as long as possible simply to enjoy the opportunity to be outside rather than the constant confinement of indoors. The snowdrop season continues here though we are just past the height of the season and I am now watching out for the later cultivars.

    Take care and remain safe and healthy.

    • paridevita says:

      Thanks, same to you.
      The guy I live with says it’s 17C here right now. Very pleasant. So, naturally, it’s going to snow. And March is the snowiest month of the year in Denver.
      Lots of sighing here.

  2. Kate says:

    Very rainy here on the Oregon coast, but if that’s what it takes to have a green summer with no water restrictions I’m okay with it (well sort of). My daffodils and crocus are blooming like mad and the hyacinths are not far behind. Nothing too exotic but very welcome nonetheless. Coming originally from snowy northern New England the first spring flowers were a time of rejoicing much like seeing the first robin.

    • paridevita says:

      We have watering restrictions no matter what. Snow in spring, when the weather warms up afterwards so that the stuff will melt, is acceptable, I guess (though I have to put up with complaining; the guy I live with would rather have rain…it used to rain here in March), but these “new winters” where it rarely warms up enough to get rid of all the most recent snow, are very tiresome, or so I hear.
      I kind of like mud.

  3. Lookin guud there Mani!!! Nice to see you an not toness of snow….wee have so much here….
    THE Snowydropss are purrty! An that little crowcuss iss lovelee.
    Wee have snow an ice…lots of ice. Sum young men came with ladderss an climmed them an hammered THE ice off down pipess…it was noisy an scarey butt they DID get THE job dun!! But now there are large icebergss all over THE front lawnss…..BBRRRR……
    Yore little cactusses are adoorabell….LadyMew sayss they are called Cac-tie…..
    Mee-yow Foxyss are purrty cute an kewl Mani. They are furry shy an will not try an hert youss’. Hope you get to see one!
    An mee here’ss you loud an cleer Mistur Guy…LadyMew has Pandemic Bluess here on top of her Arthritis an Hyperostosis…shee shlepped to THE store today fore milk an snax an back an ended up inn bed fore 4 hourss. **sighss**
    Lidocaine shotss Fursday…pleese Sky Cat!! 😉
    **purrss** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew

    • paridevita says:

      Thanks. The guy I live with went to the store today. Actually he went to three stores (he had three different masks), in search of my favorite canned food, which I get mixed in with the dry food (I also like that). He found lots of cans. Well, I think nine, total, which will last for several weeks.
      He was shocked to see all the empty stores in the little shopping center where he and his wife used to get groceries all the time. (He rarely goes to that store because of the association.) It made him very sad to think of people losing their businesses.
      It’s supposed to snow tomorrow; maybe I’ll get to see a fox pretty soon.

      • HURRAH that yore Guy went out, butt sad hee saw storess closed. LadyMew sayss there are quite a few small storess that are outta business here too.
        THE one “Mom an Pop” store that iss doin furabuluss iss Europa Pizza! LadyMew knowss THE entire furamillee an they are so loved an reespected they have gotten thru Pandemick inn one peece. They are THE xception to THE rule…
        Iss guud yore Guy found yore foodabullss….LadyMew wuud walk over *hot* coalss to get mee foodabullss 😉
        Mee hopess you get to see a Foxy! They are beeuteefull……
        **purrss** BellaDharma

      • paridevita says:

        Whew, huh? I was beginning to worry that I wouldn’t be able to have some extra canned food on top of my dry food.
        He also says that pizza sounds really good. He hasn’t had pizza for a while. He got pizza delivered, a couple of times, but the last time they brought him the wrong pizza. He ate it anyway.
        The pandemic has made him very sad, to say the least. He misses going out to lunch with his friend, a lot. His doctor said they would have the vaccine next month, which is only a week away, and I guess both he and his friend will feel better after they’ve been stuck with needles. I don’t like being stuck with needles. (That will happen to me in two months, when I get my regular checkup. I hope my doctor will be impressed with my heavy winter coat. It will probably still be cold in April.)
        It’s snowing right now. About four inches on the ground.

      • 4 more inchess of snow…EEKKK!!!
        An mee with you ’bout needles…..they hert! Meowin ’bout shotss LadyMew gotted 13 Lidocaine Injectionss today. Shee can actually walk properly an stand strait an not hunched over!!!
        HURRAH fore yore Guy an his ladyfrend beein abell to get Covid shot….that iss a start to more normal…
        LadyMew has red all ’bout each vaccine an what iss inn t. So far THE only one that mite bee safe fore her iss Russia’ss Sputnik 5 vaccine….shee sayss shee doubtss Russia will share with Catnada….
        Happy you gotted yore nommie doggie food! LadyMew an aunty Sheila are goin to pick up mee speshell Weruva wet food Caturday! LadyMew REESERVED 10 pouchess! What a guud Meowmy…
        **purrss** BellaDharma

      • paridevita says:

        It certainly sounds like she’s a good mom.
        The guy I live with has to wait for his vaccine, because he had a vaccination two weeks ago. But it will happen eventually.
        He also walks kind of hunched over, or something; his knees sometimes bother him, and the muscles in his legs aren’t as strong as they were before the cancer treatments.

  4. Lisa says:

    Sea daffodils are something I had to look up. Interesting. I don’t care for opera, so wonder how you can nap while it’s happening? It would keep me awake. It’s not for everyone. It’s sad here, my not-purebred Border Collie Boo, like Chess, isn’t around anymore. I’m glad I can visit you.

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