Rainer Maria Rilke

(my translation is at the bottom)

   Die Blätter fallen, fallen wie von weit,

            als welkten in den Himmeln ferne Gärten;

                                                   sie fallen mit verneinender Gebärde.

             Und in den Nächten fällt die schwere Erde

aus allen Sternen in die Einsamkeit

Wir alle fallen. Diese Hand da fällt.

                                                   Und sieh dir andre an: es ist in allen,

           Und doch ist Einer, welcher dieses Fallen

                                                   unendlich sanft in seinen Händen hält

these are Cindy’s pictures


Rainer Maria Rilke

                                  The leaves are falling, falling as from afar,

                                                      As though withered in the distant gardens of heaven;

                                                             They fall with a gesture of negation.

                                 And in the nights the heavy earth is falling

                           From all the stars down into loneliness.

                            We are all falling. This hand falls there.

                       And consider this: it is in everything,

                               And yet there is one, who holds this falling

        Endlessly gently in his hands.

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8 Responses to autumn

  1. Diana says:

    I toss around “beautiful” and “gorgeous” and “amazing” until they’re cheapened and meaningless, and so have nothing left for C.’s pictures. My bad. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Diane says:

    This is beautiful, Bob. Thank you.

    • paridevita says:

      Thanks, everyone. As you can see, more of the same today.
      I’m too busy trying to mouse-proof the pantry to take pictures. If this doesn’t work, I’ll buy a python.


  3. Amazing pics, Bob. Autumn is exquisite (every year I dread it, and when it comes, I love it)

    • paridevita says:

      PK, yes, I always think so too, and then am surprised at how nice it is up until about Thanksgiving. Wait til I post pictures of DBG taken late in October ..


  4. I am just mad that this talent got felled so young. Furious right now in fact. Damn it.

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