and so it snowed

Greetings and salutations, everyone; yes, once again it is I, your popular host, Mani the purebred border collie, here today to tell you about the snow, and other stuff. You may remember me from such posts as “Colchicum Time”, among so many, many others.

Here I am in a characteristic pose. I’m helping in the garden, as you can see. The guy I live with actually did some work in the garden today. It was a beautiful day, and he said why not, and so we did.
He’s been working on emptying out some of the troughs that are around the base of the honey locust. The tree needs to be cut down, but the troughs have to be moved first.
Most of the plants that were growing in the troughs died this summer. They needed almost daily watering and didn’t get anything like that.
Seeing all the dead plants made him kind of sad but they were holdovers from the time when there were two people working in the garden, and so he said “Whatever”, and scooped out the soil from a few of the troughs, so they could be moved. They’re really heavy. Heavier with the soil in them, too.

The owls have moved; we’re not sure where they went.  They must not have liked the snow. They were sitting on top of fences  near the end of the path. We got some pictures before they moved.
You can see both of them in the next picture. The other one is sitting on the next fence over. 

And, like I think it was on the news everywhere, it snowed here, last Tuesday. Here’s a picture of it, also at the end of the path (just to the right of where the fences are in the pictures above).It snowed, and then it melted. It didn’t even freeze.
There was still snow in the foothills a day later.It was mostly rain, believe it or not, in the form of drizzle, all Monday night and into Tuesday, and then it changed to snow.
The guy I live with left the tomato plants outside, because they’d only produced two tomatoes, which a squirrel ate, so it didn’t matter, but the plants weren’t harmed.

The first colchicums are up now, after the rain and snow. This is ‘Innocence’, which was just planted a week or so ago. There are other ‘Innocence’ which have been here for much longer, but the guy I live with wanted more, even though it’s kind of a dumb name.
Autumn-flowering bulbs especially seem to flower a bit earlier the first year they’re planted, by the way.  The older bulbs (really corms) aren’t quite this far advanced.They came from Daffodils and More, if you wanted to know.

Oh, and then there are the hummingbirds. They’re starting to leave now, so we see a lot more of them. The guy I live with makes new sugar syrup for them every day, because we don’t have very many flowers they like. (That’s sort of a sad story in itself, but it has a lot to do with needing to water much, much more for hummingbird plants that would flower now.  Back in the old days there were a lot more red-flowered plants at this time of year, but there was also more watering done.)
There’s a hummingbird in this picture, at the feeder.

So that’s really all I have. It snowed, it melted. And now we have autumn-flowering bulbs to look forward to. The guy I live with said it was nice to have something to look forward to this year.

Until next time, then.

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  1. Guud Greef Mani an ‘Guy’ you DID get snow!! Wee saw it on our mewss an wee were wunderin if youss got any! Yore weather iss all over THE place issn;t it?? How are THE firess inn Collyrado?? Wee heerin alot ’bout West Coast Callyfornia an Or-e-gone an Washin-ton butt not much from yore State! FISHCAKESS!!
    Wee have had rain on an off fore 3 weekss here an so chilley wee had to put heet on!!!
    Mani you look so sweet inn yore 1st foto…wee so look forwerd to seein you an reedin ’bout thingss there. Those wee white flowerss are purrty. Our Hydrangea bush did not even try to flower this yeer. It was so baked bye Sun an even tho’ LadyMew watered it well it just did not flower.
    One of our Rose bushess has 2 more littel budds on it an it nevurr flowered inn Seppytemburr beefore.
    Oh an our nayburr (who nevurr comess out an iss a hermitt) told Cuss-todian hee not want his wee garden anymore! LadyMew has tended it fore 3 yeerss even with her bad kneess an back,,,,it was a layburr of ❤ Love ❤
    When Cuss-todian told her to stop werkin on it shee gotted furry angry! There iss an old-fashioned Bleedin Heart plant shee wantss butt Hermitt dude reefusess to let her dig it up…An there iss a old-fahsioned Hydrangea bush that was planted inn 1974 an LadyMew wanted to save it…no go on it eether! THE rest of flowerss are Aunty Mary-Ellen an LadyMewss' an they NOT alloud to dig them up! LadyMew had a guud cry an shee said shee not goin to help anyone else inn here again!!! Iss all furry sad issn't it??
    Wee hope you both are well an that 'Guy' not havin breethin trubbell from THE firess an smoke….
    **purrss** an ~~head rubss~~ BellaDharma~~ an ((huggiess)) LadyMew too

    • paridevita says:

      Thanks. A sort of thing like you described happened here, with a whole bunch of plants, including trees and shrubs, and a lawn, were destroyed by the person who owned the yard, even though the guy I live with paid for all of it.
      I guess the big fire here is still burning but we don’t smell the smoke today. The ones on the west coast are horrific.
      It’s not supposed to rain here again for a long time.

      • Mani that iss terribell ’bout THE purrson who owned yard doin that to yore Guy! Why are sum peepell so kind an guud an otherss are nasty an meen?? It iss so weerd! LadyMew sayss inn our case THE nayburr has NO control over his health an no frendss so hee iss tryin to assert himself bye ‘controllin’ his garden!! Mee thinkss hee iss nasty an meen.
        Wee reeleeved you both are safe an not smellin smoke today! Mee aunty inn See-atell iss havin breethin isseuss an sayss it iss eerie lookin day an nite! EEKKK!
        Iss so weerd that you gotted snow butt can not get rain…An wee gotted so much mee was goin to rent a conoe fore LadyMew an mee! 😉

      • paridevita says:

        The guy I kive with does not understand it, either. He says people are strange. Or they can be. Nothing but sun here for a week, at least.Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

      • Yore ‘Guy’ iss rite ’bout peepell. They can bee so lovelee like yore Guy an mee LadyMew iss or they can bee pawfull like mee original Hu’manss who treeted mee like an aftur thott. They wuud throw mee out of THE house an mee wuud go dayss an weekss without seein them an eatin what mee cuud catch….Then mee went to a Sheltur inn a room all alone…..THE nice ladiess brott mee brekkie an suppurr an wuud sit with mee while mee ate an then go away….it was a lonely xistence.
        LadyMew has given mee a wunderfull 2 yeerss: guud food & treetss an so many toyss an bedss! An mee had Hu’man an 4 legged frendss an mee blogss too…mee faith inn Humanitee reestored!
        Thanx fore beein mee frend Mani..yore so kewl!

      • paridevita says:

        Thanks, and you’re welcome. I lead a pretty excellent life here, though it can also get kind of lonely.
        The guy I live with talks to neighbors on my walk; we see them in the back yards when we walk along the coyote path.
        But other than that, we don’t see very many people. I see squirrels, owls, striped kitties, regular kitties (sometimes), hummingbirds, mice, and every so often a raccoon (though not for a long time now).
        So it isn’t totally lonely here. We haven’t done as much gardening as we usually do because it’s been so hot and smoky, but maybe we’ll do some gardening later this week.

      • Mee-yow Mani it soundss like a peecefull kind of solly-tary life there. An wee wuud love to bee inn that settin. Here there are 60 people inn buildin an most of them are nosey an cause trubbell. It gotted to THE point wee stopped sittin out on patio to avoid peepell comin up an startin trubbell.
        Oh an our Cuss-todian sayss hee will bee alloud to dig out nayburr’ss garden an hee will try to save Bleedin Heart an Yellow Daisess….butt hee not know when hee will get ’round to it. If left too late THE plantss will not sirvive. Butt our Cuss-todian iss up to his eyess with werk to do.
        Our wildlife iss not as plenty-full as beefore. Wee have Pierre Stripey-Cat; Hoppy THE Bunny, Chewy Chipmunk an Fluffy Squirrel (all black). Sumtimess Golden Eyess or Samson catss come bye late at nite. Wee saw a RedTail Hawk yesturday who soared rite over us. Wee see Turkey Vulturess alot. Littel birdss are Sparrowss an Wrenss an 3 Mornin Dovess.
        Iss ackshully quite nice. (If only THE nasty peepell wuud leeve us alone!)
        Guud Luck with THE gardenin…wee sure hope yore air quality improvess soon!

      • paridevita says:

        Thanks; it’s supposed to get smoky again, though. We have vultures here, too.
        The guy I live with likes people, in general, but this afternoon he got so sick from the perfume smell from next door I thought he was going to have to go to the hospital or something. I was really worried. But then he got better.
        On the other hand the weather here has been really, really nice.
        There was a bleeding heart here, years ago. The regular pink one, and also a pure white.

      • UCKY you have purrfume an wee smell ‘skunky weed’ at nite an it iss ucky too!! Ackshual skunkss do not even smell as bad as THE skunky weed!!
        Mee asked LadyMew if shee likess peepell inn general an shee said shee doess an that iss one reeson she blogss. What shee has leerned iss that livin inn a buildin doess NOT guarantee guud frendss.
        LadyMew sayss to tell yore Guy shee has seen white Bleedin Heart plant an it was beeuteefull. THE one in nayburr’ss garden iss a deep pink color. Flowerss are so kewl aren’t they Mani??
        Guess what?? Wee have hazy sky here an smoke from THE West Coast firess! It iss NOT too bed but seein an Ornage sunrise was sorta weerd an creepy!!!
        **purrss** BellaDharma

      • paridevita says:

        We heard that the smoke was moving eastward.
        The perfume here is so strong that the guy I live with has difficulty breathing. It’s much worse than the smoke.

      • UCK!! Purrfume sorta stickss inn THE nose an mouth so mee getss how it botherss yore Guy! THE smoke we are gettin iss purrty high up ‘long THE Jet Streem so it not botherin us as of yet…
        Still so many Forest Firess; it iss tragick!!!

      • paridevita says:

        The fires are terrible.
        We have some smoke here today, and not so much perfume. For now.

  2. tonytomeo says:

    Ah, a white colchium. They are normally bright pink.

  3. EEKKK!! Youss’ have smoke today! That iss not guud! LadyMew sayss smoke iss THE lesser of two evilss. Well sorta THE lesser…shee sayss you will understand Mani an Guy.
    Wee have had a chilley North wind all day here an it blew THE smoke away! LadyMew sayss chilley wind iss werth it to not have smoke….
    Pleese stay safe! Wee care!

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