trials and tribulations

Hi, it’s me, the dog, again. Chess. You may remember me from posts like “dogs” and “still no lightbulb” and “making a list” , not to mention my last one, “no one cares but me” . I really mean “yes to mention” because these are the best posts. They’re about me.



The guy I live with is in a bad mood. He isn’t, very often, but he has been since last night, when it rained, and he said “The whole garden is going to die”. He says it’s not supposed to rain here in the winter. It smelled good. It stopped raining before we went to bed but he was still muttering about it.

see how much it didn't rain?

see how much it didn’t rain?

The guy I live with left for a while today. He brings me back food all the time, so he must have been out hunting. This is what the garden looked like while he was gone. Kind of brown. There’s birdseed and bird poop everywhere. If you look closely you can see why. There are bird feeders, so we get this horrible mess. I never make a mess. He was the one who tracked mud into the house today, not me.


This is a raised bed. He made it by piling dirt up on cinder blocks and other junk. It has bird poop all over it. 012602

Anyway, the real reason why the guy I live with is a bad mood is that he says his finger hurts. It has a big gash in it. And he cut his thumb, too. Yesterday he repotted an agave that he said was called Agave horrida, and he used words I don’t know while he repotted it. He was bleeding a lot afterwards. He even read to me the part in “Gentry” where it says “formidably armed”. I remember when my mommy was here he used to talk about something called “the manly hobby of gardening”, and snort a lot, when he came into the house all bleeding and stuff, but now he just uses those words. I might have to look them up for next time.

he still made a mess

he still made a mess

Look what he has. A whole bunch of seeds from Alplains that he gets to sow this week, so he’ll have something to do besides cut his fingers on agaves.

bunch of seeds

bunch of seeds

Oh, wait. Before I go. The guy I live with scanned old photographs last night, and most of them weren’t any good, but here are two of my uncle Pooka when he was really little. I never knew him. He was almost as cute as me. His nose got black when he got older, just like mine did. I’m putting these in so all the stuff that isn’t about me won’t be completely boring.

Doesn’t he look serious? Maybe a little worried, too, because his nose has birdseed on it. There’s always birdseed everywhere.


Here he is showing off his tummy.


That’s all for now. The guy I live with says he’s going to change the password if this keeps happening. Like that would stop me.

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7 Responses to trials and tribulations

  1. Loree says:

    Chess don’t tell that guy you live with that I suggested this but maybe you should change the password when he’s busy planting all this seeds? Oh and your uncle was adorable, I see the family resemblance.

    • paridevita says:

      I think I’ll have the dog do all the sowing. Two of Chess’s relatives run a sheep ranch all by themselves, or used to. The rancher was in his 90s and the dogs did all the work. So ….

  2. Pam says:

    Is there anything lovelier than the black and white belly of a puppy? Except a newly potted-up agave of course.

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  4. Awwwwrrr…..puppy tum….

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